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Had a real good day today. Got invited to the advanced class, I'm now welcome to go into it. Got a ton of extra rolling time today. Worthy notes are a triangle ->armbar I landed on my partner (first combo I actually intended). Also triangled 2 big guys, one of which is alot more experiencd than me. I got to roll with 2 blue belts and stayed on the defensive most of the time. One was smaller than me and I managed to stay safe, the other was about the same size and armbarred me twice but we had a good roll. I had a few stalemates too, of course.

My forearm's still hurting quite a bit, it's been aching for about 2 weeks now and I'm thinking there might be a small fracture or something. I'm going to keep training, take a week of rest before the tournament and then see how it feels after that.

I'm not training in the mornings right now. More focus on recovery and making the most of the technical classes.
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