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Was feeling pretty lethargic today but pushed through anyways. Tough warm up, then practiced take downs, then a few punch/kick combos into a takedown. I hate getting taken down constantly. Then we rolled. It was a small class and everyone was pretty new...I basically would pull guard right away, let them spaz around for a minute or two, then submit, then show them how to pass guard, sweep, etc. I landed 2 triangles, a rear naked, and a guillotine. Nobody submitted me, though I don't think they were submission specialists either so it wasn't too great of an accomplishment. When I was triangling one guy he rolled me right over and my neck popped. Was painful for a bit but I stretched it out and then went back to rolling. Now my neck isn't hurting but my entire upper back feels like it's turned inside out. Icing it now and will hit up the hottub tomorrow morning before work. I think it'll be okay for BJJ tomorrow.
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