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Good advice, Jay.

All newcomers to any form of grappling, make special note of rule #1. If you walk into a school with an ego, expect to get tapped constantly. I see guys I train with do it to people all the time.

Basic technical skills to learn:

Don't use that basic wrestling instinct to give up your back. It's great to avoid getting pinned in wrestling, but in submission grappling bad things happen.

Don't be uncomfortable on your back. Even pro's go wrong by getting jumpy as soon as they have someone on top of them. Stay relaxed, it is possible to be aggressive from the bottom.

Breathe. People forget all the time to take breaths while they are grappling. If you don't breathe your muscles fatigue, you get tired and you lose focus. Take your time and breathe.

And finally, think about what you're doing. Just because you know how to get to an armbar doesn't mean it's a good idea. Think about whether or not your opponent will be able to recognize it and escape or reverse it.

Best of luck with your training.

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