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Originally Posted by Alex_DeLarge View Post
Wow, Mir has really lost all respect from this show. Not only about his comment towards Nog and how he's "200 times the better athlete" but then calling the guys on Team Nogueira losers and saying how they'll never make it and all that shit just because they were cheering on their coach.
^This, and also the differences in the changing rooms after the fights. Every time any of Mir's guys loses a fight, Mir's all over him afterwards telling him how it's all his fault and criticizing him. When one of Nog's guys have lost, Nog never points any fingers, just tries to get everybody's mood back up for the next fight. It seems like Mir's still struggling with his own self confidence, trying to blame or criticize someone else every time things don't go his way. Kind of like he was one of the new guys on TUF rather than a former UFC champ.

Some people were hesitant about whether it was a good idea to have Nog on the show since his English speaking skills are limited, but he's been portrayed in such a positive way in every episode, that I think it will really boost his popularity among UFC fans who perhaps didn't know much about him before this TUF season.
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