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Missed BJJ yesterday. My Back was hurting, but felt fine today.

Muay Thai with Pele.
Skipping, Warmup run, few rounds of shadowboxing...first boxing, then just elbows, then just knees, then just kicks, then everything. Drills on the sheild... 100 kicks, clinch knees to high kick, push kicks, 10 consecutive head kicks, etc.

Ground and Pounded a heavybag for 30 mins. My left wrist and forearm are still hurting so I tried to stay light on that side and favored the elbows. Kept pretty constant and changed positions often. Then we rolled. I was feeling pretty burned out so I just held positions while letting them freak out. I'm trying to get the hang of popping in an armbar but I keep missing it, it'll come, just one of those things that feels awkward to do in practice.
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