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Originally Posted by SteSteez View Post
Go inbetween? lol... go for the 14oz, more than adequate protection for hitting thai pads... and as for hand wrapping, i wouldn't bother unless your wearing bag gloves or anything under say 10oz and hitting an object for prolonged periods, like an heavybag for an hour.

i've never used Combat sports equipment, their shin instep guards have had some decent reviews but i'm unsure about their gloves... for the price ($24.99) suppose you can't go wrong. look into investing in some Twins gloves if you decide to take up MT.
Thanks yeah I've done bjj and regular boxing for a year now but am looking forward to the challenge of Muay Thai. Thanks for the advice I'm going to go with 12oz for now and then buy a seperate pair of 16oz or 18oz gloves for sparing when I work up to the sparring phase of training down the road!

Thanks again guys,


Ps More replies if peeps have additional advice thanx!
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