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Originally Posted by ThaFranchise View Post

4. jbritt: Miguel Torres:

Pros- Dominant Bantamweight, will most likely continue to sweep division at WEC 37.

Cons- Soon he'll be running out of competition to walk through.

Verict- 4th overall might seem high for him, as jbritt passed over 3 UFC champions, but in a 17 person draft this was most definately his only chance to take him.
Miguel Torres is a champion as well. Torres has the ability to end fights, and that gets you more points in the FFL. A champion like Forrest might not finish their fights all the time. There is nothing wrong with that, it's just I wanted to pick the person who I figured would get me the most points. Since he is always in a title fight( + points) and is usually the main event(+ points), I get those points added onto the ones from the fight. It all came down to the fact that he was a champion that I don't see losing for a while and the fact that he can finsh his fights.

I also love Torres and his mullet For me it was a pretty easy choice since GSP and Silva were gone. My 2 cents anywase

Realy great post though. repped

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