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So tonight we did Neal Craft's "conditioning hell" which consisted of 250 half pushups, 250 Body Squats, and 250 Crunches and then 15,10,10,5,5 pullups. After that I got in 3 (3) minute rounds of mma sparring in the cage with a guy named Jeff who is right around my weight. Then myself, Neal Craft(bjj blue belt under Jorge Gurgel, 14-1 amateur record and makes pro debut next saturday), Yancy Martin(7-5 Amateur mma record), and Jeff all got around the big heavy bag which probably weighs like 500 pounds and threw 10 jab/cross, 10 lead hook/uppercut, 10 jab/elbow, 10 cross/hook/rear kick, 10 jab/cross/rear kick, 10 rear kick, 10 lead kick, 10 cross/hook, 10 double rear kick combinations. Then we went over armbars from guard and some little tricks like sweeping opponent to their back and sneaking out the back door as well as a triangle setup if the armbar setup isnt working as planned and then we just rolled for a while. Good workout overall I didnt check my weight because out scale is not too accurate but I figure I weighed out at something like 155.5-156.5.
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