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Oh and a note for people who think "submission attempts" should score more points than dominant position (and ground and pound):

1. Do Punches that miss do not score points (I hope)

2. If A fighter could keep trying the same submission over and over (like kamura from the bottom ground- or even a headlock) with 0 chance of success, should they win the fight?

3. Should attempting to block a punch and failing score you points?

Otherwise one could just rapidly try many useless attempts and win (even if their back is to the ground and they are getting beats). Plus throw in a bunch of punches that miss to please the crowd and get taken down a bunch of times to show how "in control" you are.

What else would someone do when they are back to the ground in guard, except try submissions/escape. They are not in a "win" position unless they submit opponent, giving points for failed attempts is like the 10th place ribbon for 7 year olds called "participation."

If your time spent on your back is more than your opponent, that is a point for him. If he hit you more times, point for him, if he took you down more times, point for him, if he was the aggressor more of the time, point for him.

Its that simple...looking at it that way, how could anyone score the Herman/Grove fight any other way but for Herman (assuming you don't count tap outs in the 2nd round ;-)

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