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Saturday was an off day and today was a workout at the YMCA to start off my day. 1 1/2 miles on the tread mill at varying speeds and inclines. Then a light full body workout that consisted of Pull ups, chin ups, bicep curls, tricep pressdowns, split jumps, DB shrugs, front and lateral raises, upright rows on a machine, and seated leg curls. Just one set of everything to work out some soreness and keep from losing too much strength from cutting.

About an hour and a half after that workout I went to Dehart's for wrestling. A nice drilling session followed by some live wrestling and a good sweat. I am going to focus on wrestling this last week because its really good for my weight and I need to get my takedown defense really sharp because I dont want to end up on my back. At the end we did four sets of pushups. One set on pushup bars, one set on a ball where we would like hop over from side to side using our hands, one set of wall pushups from a handstand, and one set of ten sprawl pushups. Then finished up with a few minutes of jumping rope to keep the sweat going. Weighed out at 153 so I am getting down pretty well. Tomorrow is back to the Y and some more wrestling.
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