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Felt particularily weak, inexperienced, and unmotivated today. I have no real excuse for this....I'm sure that learning this stuff comes in spurts followed by speed bumps to humble you, and I think today was a bump.

In rolling I was positionally dominated and submitted a few times. In advanced class all of the tournament guys were sparring one at a time while the class watched. The instructor didn't pair me up so I didn't go. I'm still pretty new and don't have a stripe so I tend to fly under the radar in the Gi BJJ class. I was interested in watching the rolling and how the point system works, but later started to zone out and could've gone for a nap.

Then we rolled again maybe half an hour later and I kept feeling frustrated/claustrophobic while being dominated. Weird day, just going to do something to take my mind off of it and then start fresh tomorrow.

This is my last week before some rest which should refresh me.
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