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MMA, glad to see Kajan is back.

Wasn't so glad during the warmup, a run followed by the all familiar wheelbarrows. Walking with your hands, then walking with pushups, then explosive pushups forwards, then explosive pushups backwards, then a walking wheelbarrow facing up, then another of those except walking backwards. Damn.

Technique was passing the guard with a stand, posture to break guard, one knee slides over, underhook on opposite side, other leg follows into side control. Then a similar one except no underhook and a spin into a side control facing away from the opponents head. Then we rolled from standing. First guy dominated me positionally and subbed me twice with a guillotine and an armbar. Put up a struggle but mostly futile. I felt claustrophobic again on the bottom. I don't know why that's all of a sudden surfacing now. Next guy I dominated positionally but no subs. Practiced fake striking though. Next guy was more of a kid who I went easy on and practiced using the open guard. When he eventually put a headlock on me and I was trapped there, I got kind of annoyed and jammed my forearm into his throat until he tapped. lol. Next guy I also dominated positionally but helped him practice a few things. Caught him in a triangle. Good day today! Shorts (Sinister Gladiator II) and MMA gloves (Hayabusa) felt great on their test run.

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