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What gets me pumped is Bruce Lee, lol. I mean I'm not a Bruce Lee "nut-hugger" and I do believe that there were people in his time that could've destroyed him and there are a lot of people now that could destroy him. However, his workout habits were insane. I mean, I'm not going to lower my BF percentage to 1%, but I want to push myself over the edge. And he is sort of the "father of MMA".

And I don't listen to music while working out, because I usually start to either work out to the beat, or just rest and listen to the song. I'd like to hear myself think and daydream about what Bruce Lee would have done and all that.

If it's not Bruce Lee, it's the prospect that there are people much better than me out there. Just thinking about what I'd do if I was confronted by someone that disliked me - would I defend myself, or would I cave in to his demands?
Also, I like to think that I'm taking care of the gift that God gave me, and by not doing the best I can, I'm acting as if His gift meant nothing to me. I don't know. Maybe I'm just wierd.
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