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You will cover combatives which is like a white belt first class BJJ lesson. You will learn a few basic submissions and a mount reversal and a guard pass that are pretty much garbage. They will probably have a little tournament to determine who the best combatives guy is and if you do that it will give you a little bit of experience but it will mostly be guys going for headlocks and their version of guillotines. You will get some good physical training like running and pushups etc.. and if you choose to eat good while you are there you can lose weight if needed and just get into good shape in general. There will probably be some barracks grappling and you can jump in there at your own risk. Overall BCT is an awesome experience and it can help a little bit with teaching you some ground basics but its not really designed to make you a good mma fighter. When do you ship out anyway and where are you going? I did my BCT at Fort Knox. Hooah!
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