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I am a partner involved in BTT FLORIDA. I was shown this forum recently, and wanted to comment on what I have read.

The above post by "btt florida" was not an official statement by the team, or is it the view of our team.

Although I may have my own personal doubts about the owner of a certain school... I can say...having trained with James a few times, that he has alot to share about the sport I love. Additionally, I have huge respect for ANYONE (win or lose) who has put it on the line and stepped into the cage. If you havent done it dont have the right to talk about james, myself, or anyone else who has been there.

There are plenty of schools in Brevard county. Basically, you should go see them all, and then pick the one that best works for you. Sometimes there are martial art styles that fit you better. Sometimes there are budget restrictions to consider.

Regardless.... form your OWN opinion. Dont rely on the posting of some anonymous internet person.

At Brazilian Top Team, we teach a ground game that is of direct Gracie Jiu-Jitsu lineage. We teach both gi, and no gi grappling, as well as stand up striking and mma. Do we think that we are the best? Yes of course. Any school that doesnt have that confidence is not a school worthy of examining.

With that being said.... I leave you with this.

GO TRAIN!! pick a school and put the work in. Keep your mouth shut, and let your results be what others talk about.

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