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BJ Penn a traitor? (From Legacy: Renzo Gracie)

*** A bit of a spoiler to the documentary but nothing too bad***

I just watched Legacy the Documentary about Renze Gracie. Its AWESOME! Especially for only $14.

Anyways, in the movie, they talk about BJ Penn, and how he used to train under Renzo's younger brother Ralph (I think). At one point, when BJ felt he was good enough, he left the gym and challenged Renzo to a fight.

In the documentary, they show Ralph calling BJ a traitor. He says that he taught BJ everything then he turns his back and challenges the family.

Is BJ a dick for this move?

I can understand it when it comes to business. I mean, I left my company and opened my own and used everything they taught me. However, I did it after I lost a lot of respect for those I worked for. If I still respected them, I probably would have stayed.

Do some treat training/gyms like businesses? I would think there is a bit more respect than when it comes to business. I would only imagine that there is more of a friendship/bond between Trainer/student than employer/employee, but I dont know because I dont train.

I dont really like BJ so it just added to my dislike of him. Does someone have another side to this story? Or any thoughts on this?
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