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Originally Posted by Toxic View Post
I dont understand why its a dick move, personally I think the Gracies are dicks and this self appointed Royalty of BJJ shit is old, oh my god he was my student and now he wants to compete agaisnt my brother how dare he. what a crock of shit.
Im just trying to understand it in real life terms, to me at least. If Im teaching a guy to fight, and he becomes very good under my teachings, I think I would feel insulted if he challenged my brother to fight him with all the skills I taught him. Same goes for my business.

Lets just forget its the Gracies vs Penn. If this were you, would you feel the same? Im trying to understand this because I dont train so I dont understand these loyalties, but from what Im thinking, it was a sort of betrayal.

Of course this is because I watched the Gracie documentary. I dont know what BJ or anyone siding with him would say...
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