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Brilliant class. Was pretty sore going in from the gym day on tuesday, but it went alright. Worked on a kimura, then a sweep from kimura, then an escape. The kimura sweep was one of the first techniques that I've learned and properly put into use in live rolling on the same day, I'll definitely be using that more now. In advanced we did the 5 minute matches again and I got paired up with a similar sized guy who's a little less experienced than me. I shot in for the double leg, got the take down, guard pass, side control, mount, and then fought for subs before getting the RNC. Then again take down, guard pass, he swept and he basically fell into a triangle. Glorious. After that we did more guard passes and more rolling that I did pretty good in. After a few tries I sunk a new armbar I was studying on lockflow, it's from mount but it's done over the opponent instead of falling off to the side.

Got my first stripe. Today I'm not doing class because I'm ultra sore and a Muay Thai class with Pele won't be the wisest thing for the upcoming tournament. Going to class on friday but only the MMA one...then lift on saturday and a week of rest with some light prep for the tourny.
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