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Seriously you guys went with GSP over Lee? Wow... hat was unexpected. Lee wasnt just an actor dudes. He was a great martial artist, keep in mind he helped MMA a LOT with his JKD (as they were almost the same thign), Lee was one of the fastest strikers on the PLANET (his movements measured from 5/100ths of a second to 8/100ths of a second, seriously). On top of that the man was made of iron pretty much, he split punching bags with kicks (100lb bags btw), he trained on a 300lb heavybag and could kick it to the cieling and the man shattered all the training equipment he had. They reinforced his shit with CAR PARTS. WTF? Bruce Lee would more than likely beat the snot out of GSP regardless of his acting career.

Also he weight 145 lbs at his heaviest, around 130 before he died and could probably tear anyone in the LW division in the UFC to pieces, and quite possibly anyone up to LHW. His stopped training with him because he'd knock them out so easily (he sparred with HUGE dudes too). No doubt in my mind Lee takes this.

*hugs harder on Lees nuts*
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