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Technique was a better set up for the triangle....lift hips, grab an overhook, pull them down, push the other wrist down, legs on their hips, bring leg over, sink triangle, pivot and put it on a 45 degree angle keeping them tight and squared to your hips. Should help my triangle land more often if I can get it down to muscle memory before the tournament. Then we learned to escape the triangle which I needed refresher on. Drilled lots of guard passes, mount escapes and rolling from a stand. I got alot of time with a blue belt my size who dominated pretty much the whole time and landed 2 arm triangles. I need to keep my elbows down while people are mounting or in side control. It's an instinct to bring my arms up when I'm being smothered so I can get some air but I need to suck it up and keep those things safe. It was nice to roll with someone more experienced and find lots of new holes to work on. Got a roll with my trainer which left me scrambling to defend but he armbarred and umuplated me.

My neck's got a bit of a kink in it right now, going to ice and make a call on going to the gym or not tub might be a good idea.

My trainer said to keep training hard until wednesday but I'm taking it light earlier...I want my forearm to recover completely so I can carry on with training right after the tournament.
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