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Originally Posted by Aaronyman View Post
so does having a deep cut risk anything tho? it's like the guy is gonna stick his finger in there and peel his skin off....

joe daddy vs. penn, he had blood all over his face, in his eyes...that fight went it can't be the blood in the eyes argument

edit - okay biowza, what risk does having a deep cut have? and i'm not trying to be an ass, i actually dont know
Well a deep cut has a few health risks (I'm not a doctor, just guessing the risks)

Internal Damage- Deep cuts where you can actually see the bone run the risk of messing up all the innards of a person. Not just damage to the bone, but all the veins and nerves that run in that area can be severly damaged with additional strikes to the open wound.

Blood loss- Not always an issue with cuts, but open wounds run the risk of making the person lose a lot of blood which is bad for obvious reasons. Bursting arteries is dangerous as well, and they can be achieved if a cut is left open and more punishment is added.

Germs and infection- I understand that fighters are thoroughly medically examined before and after fights, but open wounds could still get infected. Things like sweat and hair could possibly infect the wound which once again is bad for obvious reasons.

Tissue damage- This might be of little concern to the fighter if he doesn't care what he looks like, but scar tissue can affect people pretty badly. It needs to be kept to a minimum for fighters for the sake of health.

This is all I can think of right now, but yeah you get the point.
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