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I am going to give like a little mini diary of how the whole day went. Got to the arena at 11:30 and weigh ins were supposed to be at twelve. twelve came and passed and the commissioner did not show up until 12:40. Pretty ridiculous when you have a bunch of guys hungry from cutting weight. Anyway the commission finally shows up and we do our fighter licensing, some national database licensing, and a little medical form and we get to check out weight. Pro fighters weigh first, they had their weigh in the night before but they have to weigh within 13 pounds of what the weighed in at I guess to restrict mass amount of weight cutting/gaining to ensure similar size in the fights.
Then the amateurs got to weigh in and I weighed 144.5 and then started to feast. My opponent was a pound over so he had to cut. Good for me because while he was cutting I was feasting. I just hung out at the arena with some teammates and friends for the next few hours and at 4:00 we had out physicals which were not too extensive and that was nice. Then at 6:00 we had a fighter's meeting that consisted of rules, referees expectations, judging, suspensions, etc...

Then we headed to our locker rooms and got into our gear and the fights started at 7:30. The problem was the rules meeting took so long my coach did not really have the time he wanted to tape everyone's hands and everything. Luckily Josh Souder(IFL Veteran) was there and he helped us out with our taping. I was the sixth fight so after watching a few of my training partners win their fights I gloved up and my opponent walked out first. Then I came out to a chiodos song. I had no nerves at all which was a welcome surprise. We came out and touched gloves, then I landed an outside leg kick and then a spinning back kick to the body and the guy kind of rushed me so I circled into the center of the cage. Then I landed a short right hook on his eye and then threw a hard left kick to the body and it landed flush, but he kind of caught the kick so I punched him a few times and he just kind of dropped the leg and stood there. Then he just dropped to the ground clutching his stomach and I went in for the kill but the ref hopped in and saved him. I gave the old celebratory backflip and the guy I was fighting layed on the ground for a while then finally got to his feet and we left the cage. My coach was ecstatic because he is a muay thai guy. The ringside doctor did not even check me he asked me if I broke a sweat and I really didnt so he just said to go on. Then I spent the rest of the night watching fights and binge eating. Really fun night, Kind of sucks to train so hard for a 27 second fight but thats certainly not something to complain about. I am cleared to fight whenever so I am going to start looking for another fight right away. Patrick Barrantine(pro heavyweight) approached me after about training at another gym(he also trains at my gym) and introduced me to Josh Souder and he gave me some info about the gym and told me to come down. I dont have a car and Barrantine lives near me and is going to give me a ride down there every day. It is a very nice place its called Prodigy training center and Bas Rutten coaches down there as well as many olympic wrestlers and other world class dudes so it should work out real nice. Now I just gotta get back in the gym and start prepping for the next one.
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