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Why do most people think..

Lesnar is just going to learn enough submission defense this quick to not get submitted by Nogueira/Mir or anyone who is a BJJ wizard. People are like "Lesnar will beat Nog/Mir as long as he learns some submission defense". Its just that easy, isnt it? Train for a couple months and suddenly you can defend every submission and transition? Lesnar could train for years at submission defense and he still wouldnt be able to handle a submission specialists mind set like Nogueira, Mir or even Fedor. They are so far ahead of him, its not even funny. Im sure Lesnar could defend one or two but Nogueira always has a back up that will catch anyone. Not to mention his transitions from submission to submission are pretty much impossible to see coming.

Depending on who wins the Mir/Nogueira fight, if Nogueira wins and fights Lesnar, I see him getting submitted by anaconda choke. Mir already beat him with a kneebar so im not sure know how the second fight would go down.

"It's easy to do anything in victory. It's in defeat that a man reveals himself." - Floyd Patterson

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