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because everytime we see brock he shows us something(s) new....

against Herring he showed patience and positioning as well as a monsterous right hand....and against Couture he showed some really awesome knee's in the clinch...he beat randy in the clinch area which is where couture was supposed to beat the piss out of lesnar....his striking is coming along as well...his power is crazy and his technique is improving....

maybe submission defense won't even come into play? i know he can outstrike Mir and his reach and power will be too much for Nog standing IMO

bob sapp who isn't 1/2 as skilled as lesnar on the ground still survived a long time on top of big nog without getting submitted....and lesnar is training w/ Comprido, 7x bjj world champion....

toxic will probably come and say that bjj defense is easier to learn than offense...and i'd agree...look at tyson griffin against marcus aurelio....
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