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Brock Lesnar is Master of the Octagon

In the Lesnar-Couture fight Couture looked like a child in there against an elephant, it looked absurd, Lesnar outweighed Randy by 60 pounds** In other weight classes guys worry about 5 extra pounds, like when Tiago Alves came in 5 lbs over and beat Matt Hughes** Yet in the heavyweight division a lot of guys weigh in tens of pounds under 265 while Lesnar with the body "the Lord gave him" weighed 280** So, how about a medium heavyweight class for MMA?

Remember in Seinfeld when Kramer dominated his dojo by beating all the children, there is a tee shirt you can buy, they should make one for Lesnar, order yours here

(The following image may not show up, I'm having a lot of trouble getting images to work here, it's even changing my periods to double asterisks! Copy this link after replacing double astersisk ** with a period to see the new Master of the Octagon tee shirt: http://www**freeimagehosting**net/up...7ec351c13**jpg)


"The fight only stops when Big John says so." - Anderson Silva

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