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Originally Posted by screenamesuck View Post
Wow, its like you've never been to ANY forums before** If you have then you would know people are going to give you a hard time for posting something that has been talked about many times before and the fact that you don't use the search button**
Honestly, who cares? Not me, I think there's more to life than this forum where people are made to feel so welcome after a slip up** As I said, real whiners**

Originally Posted by screenamesuck View Post
Kinda hard to tell your thread is about Brock's size and the fact there should be another weight class when your thread title is Brock Lesnar is Master of the Octagon, so most people will HAVE to read your thread to understand what your trying to say just to be disappointed that they just read a thread thats already been made several times since his fight with Randy**
That's true**

EDIT: On a more fun note, the vote is nearly 50/50 now**

"The fight only stops when Big John says so." - Anderson Silva

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