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Originally Posted by Dane~Jeruz View Post
Right I am looking to bulk up from 75kg to around 80-85kg. 80 is probably my main target as I am only 5'7" and too much weight would lead to serious reach disadvantages in Muay Thai. I have been informed that Creatine Syrum is alot better than creatine monohydrate as it doesnt sit in your kidneys and is absorbed into your system and used quicker. I have only just stepped foot back into a weights gym after my last one completely shafted me by charging me 18 months on a 12 month contract.

What exercises/work is the best for building that few Kg's that I am wanting to gain? I've been told that eating lots of bread and drinking milk will also help build bulk, but obviously I know that protein is required too.
First off bulking will not affect your reach. You're arms aren't goinng to shrink by putting on mass. It may affect your range of motion but thatis completely different from the idea of reach.

Secondly, You would have consume a ridiculous amount of creatine non-stop with no cycling off and a very low amount of water to have it affect your kidneys negatively.

The absorbtion of Creatine is not relaly determined by what kind of creatine by what you consume it with. For example, consuming Creatine with Vitargo, Waxi-Maize, Dextrose, a simple sugar, or another form of complex carb is going to maximize the absorbtion of it.

Secondly for a combat athlete, I know I;ve said this before, but Beta Alanine has more benefits for a fighter than creatine.

Just eat a lot. Try to get around 3500 to 5000 calories a day with a lot of lean meat, carbs, and moderate fat.

Consume 2x your body weight in Grams of Protein a day.

Make sure to get adequate sleep and stick to basic exercises like Bench, Squats, Dealdifts, MIlitary Presses etc.
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