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Originally Posted by Haplo 913
I would personally put my right hand (Karate punch, Gacka Zukie, Reverse punch, Cross or whatever you want to call the straight right hand) over a cross or upercut. However I am aware that not alot of people use it due to the fact that unless your superfast It's an easy block, expecially if you chamber it, which I do although it is very faint and I'll often use this to my advantage by fainting or distracting with a chamber then following with the oppisite hand or such.
You are correct, I'm suprised to see how many people think it's the hook, cross etc... the straight right hand or as some call it "overhand" is the most powerful punch, obviously the straight left if your a southpaw, just watch the Franklin - Quarry fight and you see that Rich knocks him out with the straight left punch. Many one punch KO's are done with the straight punch (overhand) it's the one punch where your arm is at full extension meaning all your power is at the very end, if you have the right gap your opponent is in full one hell of a ride.

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