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Originally Posted by Redrum View Post
I don't mind some of the silly stuff, but I would much rather the show focus hard core on fighting and training to fight as opposed to the goings on in the house. But yeah, the whole sushi thing was a bit much, it definitely was over the line for me, and I hope they don't show anything like that in the future.
the problem is, if the show was focused hardcore on fighting and training it would appeal mostly to the hardcore fan who's going to watch the PPV anyways.

The current format of the show gives them the opportunity to take a new public and expose them to a few UFC events, the finale and hopefully the PPV events were the coaches fight, in a best case scenario, the new fan will be hooked with the caged action and will continue to follow the UFC.

This season has been great in that sense thus far because, Good Hearted Nog vs Asshole Arrogant Frank Mir is a good story, classic Face vs Heel which should get some nice reception with all the Prowrestling fans who have crossed over to see Lesnar.

Yeah, the antics are a little weird, but it gives the show that "anything can happen" premise which when fulled by this "sick" stuff, well you can turn in those people who just like to watch sick stuff and will probably find entertaining to watch two guys fighting in a cage,'s not the purpose of MMA, but it's potential money to make the sport grow.
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