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Originally Posted by Rush
First it was karate when I was a kid and I made it up to brown belt before quitting at age 12.

Then I joined Jiu Jitsu and are a green belt here. It's hard but fun learning the techniques and counters especially when I've had a coach who apparently has been in two UFC PPVs. He lost to Evan Tanner and Dan Severn but is an awesome coach. I can't wait to fight in a tournament. That would be sweet kicking another persons a-- since you can fight the same way as in school. But so far no one on one fight tournaments. Just sparring, etc tournaments where you show off your moves. Thats only for the higher belts.

I am trying to find boxing but theres none here since I live in a community where people think its strong to use weapons instead of fists.
if yopur looking for boxing check with the police Athletic leagues, or the Y, some of them still offer boxing programs...

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