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mmk i was 5'11 203 lbs last year at the age of 14 its been about 6 months and i went from 203 to 149lbs. what i did is i got into a weight training program in school, the program we used is bigger, faster, stronger atheletic program look it up if you like. the program includes alot of strength training, plyometrics, and cardio stuff i like it alot.

you dont have to do this, im just giving you wat worked for me look around on like google if u dont feel this is the right workout/diet for u
hope this helped you a little bit

Then on top of that i did the abs diet which is you eat 6 meals a day and this is how it works:
8am eat break fast <-- this is ur most important meal
10am eat a small portion snack
12pm eat lunch
3pmish eat a small portion snack
6pm eat dinner
then maybe a small portion snack in a hour or so
but after 8 dont eat, if u feel hungry drink water
all of this speeds up your metabolism

You can actually do alot with wat you have believe it or not look up some plyometrics there pretty rough first couple days but i think it will get the job done if you do that with the abs diet. Plyometrics are like box jumps, explosion jumps, ect... you might not like it the first couple days but just keep reminding your self wat your working hard for. You could also maybe every other day go hit the bag for 15-20 mins just keep your hands up chin down. Then maybe bench every 4 days. also you should run every morning and keep increasing how far you run every couple days. You should start seeing bigggg results if you stick to this after about a month.

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