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Tonight was open gym, mostly muay thai but also some groundwork. Started off with me and Yancy throwing combos on the heavy bag and him helping me with technique. Then we got the kick shields out and threw teep/body kick combos then inside and outside leg kicks. Then we worked counters to the thai clinch which was some awesome technique and then countered jabs with head inside singles. Then we rolled for about 40 minutes. Started off by getting submitted about 5 times in 10 minutes by Neal Craft and felt like a turd but he is a huge 170 pounder who weighs 193 right now and he is pro and very technical and powerful. Then I rolled with Yancy and we had a very high paced roll with lots of scrambles. He mounted me a few times and did a good job of holding the mount and had a few close armbar attempts. I had a tight triangle but he exploded out of it and I also had a very deep anaconda choke and I rolled him all the way over and walked toward his feet but he got my grip off. I have been having a lot of success lately with the anaconda from the sprawled out position. Neither of us finished any subs though. I finished off with a guy named Jeff who is not good on his feet at all but he is really quite competitive on the ground, good wrestler and decent jiu jitsu. We scrambled around a bit and he locked in a very tight triangle from top but I managed to sweep him but was still stuck in the triangle I was about 2 seconds from tapping when I was finally able to posture up out of the triangle. I ended up just getting him completely exhausted and finishing a kimura from north south but he was so tired he did not even really fight it.
I also found out I have a fight Dec. 20th in Kentucky. It is an amateur fight but with pro mma rules which is awesome, I have been itching to kick someone in the head lol. The only thing is I am also fighting Dec 13th in Cincinnati so I am going to have to force this fight to the floor and get a submission because I cant afford to get banged up fighting twice in two weeks and three times total in one month. I honestly dont care though this is what I want to do and hopefully I am healthy enough after the ICE show to compete in Kentucky as well.
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