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First Tourny! Showed up around 9 am but it worked out that my division didn't go until after 3pm. I brought some fruit and gatorade but wasn't prepared to wait that long and probably paid for it when I went.

Got paired up with a guy I've rolled quite a few times from my gym and always gives me a battle. He's shorter than me but filled out well and god damn strong. The wrong guy to have on top of you.

We faced off, got in close, he took me down with a solid slam. Landed in half guard. Regained my guard almost immediately, after a bit of a struggle got a weak kimura and pulled off the sweep. Held mount for awhile with my legs intertwined under him, I was trying to stay relaxed while working for an americana, but his arms were too strong and he knew what I was up to. I don't know exactly what happenned next but he eventually broke out of the mount and I beleive had me in guard. I tried for a weak triangle but it wasn't going to land. He swept my legs to the side for the pass. Then I somehow snuck out of his side control and just had to pass to win or maybe tie. He had solid grips on me with his legs in the way, I was close and the timer cut me off short. I couldn't pass. So he won on points...6-4 I think? I don't remember. Man was I exhausted too, I don't know if it was the lack of food or adrenaline or the intensity, but I nearly fainted afterwards.

Since I lost first round that was it for me. Good experience though, I've got no real pride in this stuff so there was nothing to lose.

Don't know if there was any video taken of it or not but I'll keep an eye out and post it if something turns up.

No-gi tomorrow, I expect to do a bit better and be prepared for the long haul with food. I feel pretty good, just a bit of lower back pain probably from the takedown.
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