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Hurricane Training (short and powerful, like a storm)

This "fit to fight" training will be done in five categories, spending one week on the first category as a "pre camp", and two to three weeks on the next four categories.

Category I
Jog for a five minute warmup
Sprint for 15 seconds
Let heart rate drop to 120 bmp
Repeat sprints to a total of nine times

The next four categories will be performed just as the first, but with two sets of back to back exercises during intervals, followed by a 45 second rest until next sprint. Weights and reps should vary on fighters physical ability.

Category II (increase sprints to 20 seconds)
Intervals Exercises
1-3 medicine ball toe touch,judo pushup
4-6 pike up,single leg burpee
7-9 medicine ball triangle,swiss ball pushup

Category III (increase sprints to 25 seconds)
Intervals Exercises
1-3 cable reverse fly,triceps pushdown
4-6 incline dumbell cline,dumbell shrug
7-9 barbell upright row,bentover row

Category IV (continue 25 second sprints)
Intervals Exercises
1-3 close grip bench press,behind the neck pullup
4-6 weighted dip,barbell curl
7-9 split jerk,decline dumbell pullover

Category V
Intervals Exercises
1-3 rope pull,sandbag lift (30 second sprints)
4-6 farmers walk,towel chinup (25 second sprints)
7-9 tire flip (20 second sprints)
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