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Much less people showed up for no-gi today so it progressed alot faster.

My division was 214lbs. I weighed in at 210. It was only 3 of us so I already won a medal. haha.

First roll was with a guy shorter and stockier than me. Once again I got taken down. He dominated positionally but never got a threatening sub on me. I was way down on points but escaped his side control and took his back. I didn't get my hooks in so no points, but all I was thinking was going for the choke. I dug my wrist in and felt throat, he tapped shortly thereafter.

Second roll was with the guy who beat me yesterday. He takes me down into guard. We struggle for awhile. He was wise to my ways and I couldn't do a kimura sweep. Also tried to do a proper setup for a triangle but couldn't do shit. He wasn't passing my guard but was working hard at it. Eventually I was frustrated and I beleive he got the pass when I went for a triangle (same mistake I made yesterday). More struggling, he took my back, rear naked choke on me. I struggled for a bit but made the mistake of pulling where the choke was instead of attacking his arm. Eventually tapped. Second place.

Feel pretty sore, but determined to get back into training. I have a Lamb of God/Metallica concert the day after tomorrow that I hope to hold the barricade on, so I'll probably take a couple days to rest after that and then get back to business.
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