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Originally Posted by doublelegtakedown
hammer fist? how is it thrown?
just like a hamer make a fist and raise your arm then bring your fist down like a hammer. hit with the bottom of your fist. It can be thrown like strait down or at an angle. The ninjas call it the death tuch. on the discovery chanel show I was talking about they had a ninja preform it. he hit a dummy in the solarplex area and they said it had enough force to stop a persons hart.
Here is a picture.
National Geographic Channel - Fight Science: Video Preview
this is an intro video of the show I saw. It talks alot about what you want to hear. you will see a guy in a black gi throw it tword the end of this video. it dose not look like mutch but it is the death touch.
P.S. The show will be shown again on dec 9 at 9:00

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