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Ares Caesar
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Eh, it was done because it was a win-win situation for Dana.

1) If Junie had won, Dana would look smart because he allowed the better fighter to stay.


2) If Junie lost (which he did), Dana looks smart by letting him get his ass kicked on the way out. And "not voting him off but beating him off" (And yes Dana that sounds bad, both times you said it)

Ultimately it doesnt matter anymore... hes gone, and the better fighters are in the final anyway.

If anything I was glad to see Efrain beat him up some as well as deal a massive blow to his ego. It also was good to see that Efrain is better than I thought, and actually will be a probably the biggest challenge Nover has had to face thus far.

The problem is, this will only incite more crap to be pulled on the following seasons. We can only hope that they wont allow so many headcases to get to the tryouts in the first place.
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