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Originally Posted by Nick_V03 View Post
I agree. I keep saying it but that is because it is true.

Vinny has no standup. He was getting kicked at will and he kept losing his balance when he was throwing punches, and not very good punches I might add. Him and Dean Lister could have a D level standup war.

That being said, his ground game is excellent. I just think he is too one dimensional right now. He has time to improve, though. I do think he is a good fighter. So is Lister, by the way.

Bader on the other hand has great wrestling, decent standup, and power. If Vinny can't pull guard or take Bader down, I don't think he will do so well.

Bader should keep this fight standing and if he is able to, he will do very well in my opinion.

1- Those fights were 6months ago.
2- Bader was losing on his feet against a bjj guy, not a striker: Bader doesn't have a decent stand up.
3- Krzysztof is a striker, and barely touched Vinny... Did he kick Vinny's legs? Yes, he did, but you won't knock anybody "out" with leg kicks.
4- Vinny is currently training full time at Xtreme Couture.
5- I said a few times that he was going to win by sub. and he did
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