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Originally Posted by Wawaweewa View Post
Your wording was: "You don't really NEED wrestling to be the best in your wieght class, especially when you are badass off your back. Look at Anderson Silva". I understood this to mean that Anderson Silva does not have wrestling. If that's not what you meant, then okay.

Anderson has the best striking in the MW division. I don't think we'll ever be able to say Nate has the best BJJ in the LW division.
Oh no my bad I just meant Anderson doesn't NEED his wrestling to be the best in his weightclass, cuz he can fall back on his awesome BJJ. That's what I am saying Nate is capable of. He's only 22 or 23 and still has a good 9-10 years before he reaches his prime and he's already beating good fighters.

GSP started out at this age beating so-so fighters and he lacked a good BJJ game amnd KO power for a long time and now look at him. Same with Anderson, he was never really that GREAT until a few years ago. Good but never great like he is now. I'm just sayin Nate has enough time to get waaaay better, and he's already pretty good. Half-decent wrestling skills and lack of KO power aside, he's still winning fights against good fighters.

I won't deny that he has potential, but I don't think he'll ever be number one in a weight class as stacked as LW. I hope he learns from his brother's mistake, and realizes taking copious amounts of punches to the face doesn't count as striking defense.

Not getting defensive, just stating my opinion on where I think he stands in the division. That's what the thread is about.
Guess we just gotta agree to disagree then.
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