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Originally Posted by DiamondDash2k View Post
BJ penn lost to hughes via strikes- tko at ufc 63?
Have you even seen that fight??

I'd agree with Aaron that Alves would probably be a slight favourite over BJ due to his size and power, he'd probably be fighting about 25lbs heavier, and could really use those leg kicks effectively although I would definitely say that BJ has the better boxing as Thiago's hands have never really impressed me.

I think he'd be a slight underdog to GSP without so much of a size advantage and he might be the physically weaker fighter which he isn't used to but TBH he matches up pretty well with either if them especially with the TDD he showed in the Kos fight.

I'd pick GSP to beat him by either a wide UD or a late TKO/sub simply because Alves hasn't shown me anything that proves he can handle a complete MMArtist with GSPs athleticism.

Him and BJ is a close fight though IMO, I could see Alves coming in a little lighter to ensure his cardios up to scratch for five rounds. BJ's got an iron chin but Alves would probably wear him down with leg kicks and mabe stop him or I could see BJ beating on him and subbing him if he got him to the ground in usual BJ style ie TD, pass to mount, beat on him, take his back, beat on him some more and choke him out. Thiago's ground game's never really impressed me but we haven't seen a lot of it lately so it could have improved alot, which, according to his camp it really has.
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