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hey i was just wondering if this workout is ok? i just made it and have been mixing it up but this is what i'm doing tonight, some insight would be nice
3 sets of widegrip pullups
3 sets of dips
3 sets of deadliftsx10
bentover one armed row each hand 3sets x10
3 sets of bicepcurls with a barbell, 3sets 5x
skullcrushers 3sets x5
shoulderpress 3sets x8
and i end it with some dumbell bicep curls and skullcrushers with dumbbells or alternate wtih chinups or pushups
and at the end i just do a plank for a bit.

i get this all done between an hour or so

i also switch up the shoulderpress wtiht hat excercise where your standingup with the barbell and you pull it up i can't remember the name but yeah :
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