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Geeze I am getting lazy on this thing. Last night was like 500 kicks on the heavy bad with my muay thai coach Kru Rob Walker critiquing me and fixing my technique. I feel like I get better everytime I work with him. Then we rolled and Neal helped me with some half guard options(mostly sweeps and kimura defense) that I have been struggling with and I showed him some mma useable single leg counters. Also drilled some knee bars.

I also lifted at the y did some squats and a bunch of full body functional type stuff. Legs very sore today from combo of squats/kicks. Today I had one day drill for the reserves so I just switched today to my rest day instead of tomorrow. I will probably just do light pad work tomorrow with my bro because the gym is closed on sundays and probably hit up the y for some cardio. Not having to cut to 145 for this fight is great especially around the holidays.
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