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Originally Posted by Damone View Post
Frank Shamrock has still shown that he can perform with the best of them. His striking is great, he can take a punch, he has a good sub game and he's in great shape. Did he fight a stupid fight against Cung? Yes, but Frank did better standing than anyone else. You stand with Le, and you're going to get either kicked or punched. It happens, that loss shouldn't make you think that Frankie Shammy is done.

He beat the hell out of Phil Baroni. Completely decimating him with precise strikes. He showed that Cesar Gracie was strictly a BJJ teacher.
Standing with a midlevel fighter isn't impressive. Frank did better than the cans that Le had been fighting, so I should be impressed? Beating Baroni means he's as good as the likes of Pete Sell, kala hose, and joey villasenor (not exactly a prestigious list). Beating Cesar proves he can beat a guy with no mma fights. Frank still hasn't fought a top level fighter in 9 years.
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