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Originally Posted by rana
well i've been watching footie since i was 8 and this world cup has to be the worst sorry.
germany against argentina was a farse, argentina had loads of chances but didnt convert.
i think eng might do it against portugal today but my match up is germany brazil final
Yeah, this world cup is crap compared to 1998 and 2002. It's been a bunch of upsets pissing me off. France beat Brazil when Brazil had a tonne of chances to score but didn't kick the ball accurately and their penalty kicks sucked. France is in the final after this upset against Germany I bet.

And England lost to Portugal and I'm pissed off. Wayne Rooney played like garbage whining like a baby and getting a red card and David Beckham cried on this side and let his team down by going out of the game. Then Portugal of coarse won in another boring match.

I sure hope Italy doesn't make it either since they beat Ukraine, my second favourite due to my family's heritage. Italy is just a bunch of defensive nonsense that should be out of the running to the cup already. They cheat by playing a defensive game that pisses everyone off and scoring only a goal a game usually at the last minute. I really hope Germany beats them up in their next match up.

Germany and France is going to be the finals. I say France wins considering France has been pulling off a lot of upsets lately. Germany will make it since the cup is being held in their country.
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