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Originally Posted by Nabors12
After experiencing several days of dissapointment in trying to locate it in my college town, I decided to drive to a city about 45 mins away. It was a no-go, traffic on the interstate was backed up for literally 30 miles in a dead stop. This situation was so incredibly unlikely but i would not be discouraged. I turned around eventually after spending 45mins in traffic. I headed in the other direction to another town that was about 45mins away. I finally got there and got the game, returned to my dorm and me and my neighbor played the hell out of that game all day.

Yes, it is possibly the greatest game ever made! YOU MUST BUY THIS GAME IF YOU OWN A 360!!! RENTING WILL NOT SUFFICE!!!

The graphics are better than anything seen on a console before and the gritty gore and violence overwhelmed me with joy. Yeah, and one more thing, instead of a bayonet your main assault rifle, there is a ****ing chainsaw on the end of it!!!
man i am dying to play this. i am the type that am not impressed w/ most games and end up buying a system just for one game. w/ xbox, i loved halo (adn then halo 2). with the gamecube, resident evil 4 was well worth it. (never really been a playstation guy). i have a feeling i've found the reason to buy the 360 now with GOW. i'm no microsoft loveer, but w/ halo 3 and the halo real time strategy game in the works, the system is going to be hot!
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