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Originally Posted by Onganju

But this isn't a self-defense thread, neither was it opened in the intents of being one. Truth of the matter is, the best method of "Self Defense" is not to get into a situation where you are knowingly putting yourself in danger. Now, I know real life doesn't always work like that, but I truthfully see the OP's situation going down like this:

The OP learns his "death touch/super move/fatality/etc..."
The OP confident about what's going to go down meets up with his opponent and 1 of 2 things happen:
1) He loses.
2) He wins.
But it probably won't end there. 'Cause this is usually what happens afterwards...
1a) He loses, and after he gets his ass kicked or KO'd, his opponent (maybe even his opponent's buddies) continues to kick his ass sending him to the hospital, or to the morgue.
2a) He wins (or begins to win), only to have his opponent A) Pull a weapon on him, B) Have his buddies jump in. Both of which will probably result in what ever else happens above.

Let's say he wins convincingly and get the hell out of there unscathed. Next time his opponent finds him in a moment he's looking for him he'll probably be armed or with his buddies in tow. Then what? Are we going to be answering questions on how to defend a knife-wielding assailant?

You see where I'm coming from now?
Yes, I understand where your coming from and your absolutly right. Close it if you want I wont reopen it again. Im just gonna wash my hands of this thread.

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