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I like both of these! thanks guys!

I was wondering, though, if one of the fighters could be in an action shot, like striking or GnP or even a sub. It could be like the background or somthing maybe? I'm not too artsy so im not sure if its possible.

Steph I dig the stripes, but surprisingly I like them more on Machida. I wonder if you could somehow work them into somthing with action going on?

Oh and don't worry about naming the fighters, I dig the clean look.

Anyways you guys are the artists, so go nuts!

Since I won a few bets last night I will up the donation to 1000 points per UNIQUE (not altered, unless it is very altered) submissions.

so if you submit a siggy I will give you 1000 pts regardless of whether or not I use it, and I will give an additional 9000 pts to the person who created the one I choose.

I hope I am not being too picky, I just figure if I give out points there will be incentive for lots of attempts!

mad props: Toxic
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