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Originally Posted by kamikaze145 View Post
Oh yeah, Ohio would be a good place to go. Just off the top of my head there is Jorge Gurgel's place which is really nice and their instructors are great. Especially for submission grappling they have Jon Stutzman who is a black belt. I have never worked with him but they also have a brown belt named Dan Doerner who is an absolute stud and really good at no-gi. Everything I ever learned from him was very useful for mma. There is Griffon Rawl where Jason Dent trains and then Prodigy in Springboro Ohio which is where I now train and it is half-owned by Bas Rutten and we have Jim Kelly as our bjj coach(black belt under Rickson Gracie, lived with him for four years), Josh Souder is one of the pro fighters and there are nothing but world class wrestlers. We are actually trying to get the rings and be an olympic training facility so its awesome and probably the nicest place you will ever see.
Plus as far as fighting goes Ohio's scene local circuits are super active. NAAFS has an event almost every weekend there there is ICE in Cincinnati that is pretty much monthly and there are fights in Toledo, Columbus, and Dayton on a regular basis as well so you can fight whenever you want here. Overall, Ohio kind of sucks but as far as fighting goes its hard to beat.
ya that's what I'm looking for. Vancouver has too much good distractions and no real fighting crowd (there is but small). I need a place where i could live dirt cheep and have nothing to do but train.

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