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******* good to be back! For those who thought I had burned out and given up, you were wrong.

So roughly 2 weeks off and my body's feeling like a clean slate long as the forearm pains don't find their way back.

I just got Saulo Ribeiro's Jiu Jitsu Revolution 1. Started watching today and I love it. I decided to fully focus on applying a more relaxed and technical approach like his.
This went well as soon as we started rolling in class today. Where there was resistance, instead of resisting back instinctively, I adjusted my position and looked for ways around. I know this is is obviously how BJJ is suppossed to be, but to apply it when guys are going hard on you takes experience. But doing this in the beginner class I took a guys back out of nowhere, and also managed to find points of unbalance and make a few easy sweeps. I was mostly dominant when we drilled guard passes, so I was pretty pleased with myself.

Technique was I beleive a windmill sweep, a windmill sweep into an armbar, a reverse scissor sweep, and a reverse scissor sweep into some sort of choke...I don't remember the name, a boa choke maybe?

Advanced class was mostly drilling. Starting in a triangle and trying to escape while they submit. Starting in side control and trying to reguard while the other guy tries to stall, etc. with technique inbetween

Then some more rolling. I seemed to have gotten a bit frustrated from being smothered on in side control for 10 minutes so I lost my focus on relaxed and technical, still had lots of good rolls but didn't do so well. Got submitted a few times but usually gave a few tremendous struggles beforehand.

It's now been over a week since I've drank alcohol or anything carbonated, or eaten something deep fried. Aside from occassional french fry and chinese food cravings, I'm doing alright.

Tomorrow morning's Anaerobic Conditioning and MMA Class that evening. Peace.
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