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MMA Class

Warm up run, gymnastics that I seem to be improving on. I don't nearly knock the wind out of myself when I do diving front rolls anymore. More plyometric wheelbarrows to put the hurt on me.

Technique was shooting for the double leg takedown, then practiced sprawling when a partner touches your leg. On the ground we worked on the butterfly guard, which was a first for me. Learned the basic position, then a sweep from it into opponents side control, then we learned how to pass the butterfly guard. Then we rolled from a stand. I positionally dominated the first guy but he's younger and smaller so no big accomplishment. I got positionally dominated by the second guy who's slightly lighter than me but more experienced...I was smothered in side control for most of it, one of my biggest weaknesses...haven't got to that part in the dvd yet. In hindsight I realized I should have bridged, shrimped, brought my elbow to knee and reguard. For some reason I didn't though. I was back and forth with the third guy but eventually got a kimura sweep on him, I couldn't finish the kimura from mount and he swept me into guard but I held onto the kimura and finished it from there.

Decent class.

BJJ tomorrow.
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